Magnetic Vinyl Material

Magnetic Vinyl

Removable and repositionable magnets - are an excellent choice when it comes to advertising your business on the go. Signs made out of this material are light-weight, have vivid colours and promote your business as much as you desire - & when you desire!

Technical specifications: 


Magnetic Vinyl is a thin but highly-adhesive material, which can be fixed to almost all metallic surfaces. These can be used for making business as well as personal signs.

Weather resistance 

The material is meant to be used both indoors and outdoors, therefore it is resistant to all weather hazards. Magnetic Vinyl keeps its adhesiveness for more than 3 years. As for the printed surface, it retains its colours due to the UV curing printing process.

Colour and Finish

The material itself is black, like all magnets. It is covered with a white surface on which you can order printing in all your desired colors. As for the finish, Magnet has a matt finish.



You are free to get Magnetic Vinyl in your desired size with the max dimensions of 48”X540”.


The thickness of the material is 0.030".

Functional specifications: 


The material is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Magnetic Vinyl can be used for making signs of various purposes, see some samples below. Fridge Magnets The first thing that Magnets can be used for, are of course fridge magnets. These can be decorative or promotional magnets. Companies can order Fridge Magnets with their company name and logo, which will serve as a great promotional tool. Also, you can get personal photos printed on Magnetic Vinyl to keep your memories on the fridge. Car Magnets These are a popular type of Mobile advertising. You can often see a vehicle moving around the city with company name, logo and contact information fixed on it. All this information is printed on a Magnet which can be applied and removed to the vehicle anytime you want. The Magnets are strong enough to resist the force of the wind while the car is driving but not high winds. Calendar Magnets Another, option for Magnet Signs are calendars. You can fix these calendars anywhere you need, be it your metallic laptop, refrigerator, door or anywhere else. You can keep the important dates and fix your schedule with these calendar magnets. Business Card Magnets This is a common choice among businesses, to make their business cards on a Magnet. This way the person receiving your card will not lose it and moreover will always have it in front if their eyesight.

Services we provide for Magnetic Vinyl: 


We offer Magnetic Vinyl printing with quality UV inks. This means the printing will retain its colours even after being exposed to the sun for a long period. This is achieved with a UV curing printer, which dries the inks simultaneous to the printing process.


We can give your Magnet Sign any shape with the help of Digital cutting machine. This cutter can cut the material precisely without damaging it.

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Q. Is Reflective Sign enough durable for outdoor use?

Surely! reflective Aluminium consists of Dibond or Aluminium and reflective Vinyl - Aluminium as the most durable industrial material and Vinyl as a sun and fade resistant material - come quite handy for outdoor use. The signs will definitely withstand the different weather conditions.